Children's Day Out is concerned with the welfare of the total child, providing an environment conducive to healthy growth of the child's physical, cognitive, social/emotional, language and spiritual developmental needs.  Each child is guided in developing positive social behaviors such as comforting, helping, cooperating, donating and sharing by nurturing caregivers who, themselves, model these behaviors. 

The curriculum strives to nurture in each child a healthy self-concept and positive feelings of trust in God and others.  The curriculum is presented so children learn through exploring, experimenting and using creative expression of ideas and feelings.  The emphasis is on the process of doing and creating.

Under the skillful guidance of our dedicated staff, this early learning experience lays the groundwork that will help your child move more easily into other levels of development.

Children's Day Out is operated on a non-discriminatory basis with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or gender.